ETank Users

Most users of the old ETank software have upgraded to the AMETank product.

Some of the enhancements in AMETank include:

  • Equivalent design calculations and new calculations being added continuously
  • New, modern user interface
  • Full support for all inputs in US or metric/SI units
  • Calculations are natively performed in US or metric/SI units
  • Reports in US or metric/SI units
  • Better and more flexible calculation reports
  • Live, interactive 3D model graphics and geometry generated from design calculations
  • Automatic generation of drawings from design calculations and 3D model
  • Automatic generation of bill of materials (BOM) and many other reports from design calculations and 3D model
  • Finite element analysis on tanks
  • Tank 3D reconstruction, integrity assessment, and calibration


AMETank is being continuously enhanced to support the latest API standards and editions, and to include
additional standards and engineering calculations.

Support for new tank appurtenances and detailing capabilities are being enhanced continuously.


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