Digital Reconstruction

TechnoSoft provides services for laser scanning and digital reconstruction of tanks, terminals, refineries, and other assets.

For tanks, the scan can be performed on the inside to support geometric evaluation and integrity analysis of the as-built condition.
The point cloud data of the tank inside is used in the 3D reconstruction of the tank shell, roof, structure, floor, and all appurtenances.
The analyses of tanks for bottom and foundation settlement, shell roundness and verticality, structural column verticality, and floating roof to shell operation assessment are also included. Tank calibration and generation of strapping tables are also supported services.

Detailed reports on the geometric evaluation of the tank as-is condition include the generation of 3D models and layout drawings of the floor, shell, roof, structure, and appurtenances. Designing of floating roofs and replacement of floors, roofs,
and roof structures is supported through the use of the AMETank application.


Laser Scanning & Digital Reconstruction